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Description : 

3W tape is based on polyester film with acrylic adhesive tape with high adhesion and super transparency properties. It is ideally suited for the cutting of nameplate names and metal substrates of the electronics industry. Also it can be applied to sports equipment like badminton racket, tennis racket and golf club repair ..


PET blue adhesive tape is clear, high temperature, good adhesive but does not leave glue when peeled off. It is mainly used for house hold devices (refrigerators, upper, printers, cabinets, televisions, laptops) and construction products (windows, glass, aluminum frames, steel, stainless steel surfaces rusty)

Specification Table :

Code Thickness Adhesive Backing Liner 180°C Peeling Strength 80°C Static Shear Holding Power

 ( hr/kg*inch2)

Product Properties
3W Tape DLF 01 0.05 Modified acrylic PET Film Glassine ≥ 1.2 ≥ 48 Excellent shear resistance and adhesion


3W Tape DLF 02 0.1 Modified acrylic PET Film Glassine ≥ 1.5 ≥ 48
3W Tape DLF 03 0.2 Modified acrylic PET Film Glassine ≥ 1.5 ≥ 48


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