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PVC Black Tape For Insulation – High Quality

PVC Duct Tape For Insulation high quality

Code : 3WTape - PVCS

General information:

Black PVC adhesive tape for insulated joints (Code: AT-03 (6525)) is a specialized PVC tape for insulating foam rubber, especially cold thermal insulation.

The product is composed of moisture-resistant black PVC film and high-performance acrylic adhesive layer protected by silicone paper.

1) Application  of PVC Black Tape High quality: 

PVC Black tape used in HVAC systems (indoors and outdoors)
Application for connections in civil and industry (cars, furniture, etc.)

 2) Test Results at the Institute of Tropical Technology

STT Type of test Test method Result
1 Adhesion with foam rubber surface ASTM D429 0.73
2 Tensile strength MPa ASTM D412 12.46
3 Service Temperature ASTM E1131 Temperature resistance of sample < 240°C

3)  Package  products :

W75mm x50mL :  16 roll / 1 box

W50mm x50mL : 24  roll /1 box

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