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Products Description:

Fiber tape is based on imported high density alkali free glass fiber cloth, that can provide excellent abrasion resistance, moisture resistance etc; Coated with specially formulated packaging adhesive with stable performance, high adhesive strength and excellent adhesion..

Glass fiber acrylic tape , glass fiber polyurethane tape, glass fiber silicon rubber tape, glass fiber aluminum foil tape, glass fiber PET tape, Glass fiber polytetra fluor ethylene tape.


Widely used for sealing, binding, other connection and fixation for Industry, electronic, home. Appliances etc such as refrigerator, computer, fax machine and sheet steel..

Fiber Adhesive Tape series: 

Code Length Width Thickness Adhesive Color
Fiber Adhesive 30met ;

50 met

As requred 0.13 Hotmelt ; silicone ; acrylic adhesive


Code Stick Force on steel Tensile Strength Withstand Voltage Heat Resistance Color
3W Tape FAT 01 65N/100mm 4900N/100m 2.5-3.0kV 180°C


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